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Happy Father’s Day 2018: WhatsApp Facebook(FB) Status in English

Happy Father’s Day 2018: WhatsApp Facebook(FB) Status: Father’s day is going to celebrate on 17, June 2018. Father’s Day is the world widely celebrated festival first started in the year 1909. This festival is celebrated to show gratitude and respect to all the fathers. This day gives a chance to every child to show his/her respectful emotions he/she has in heart for his/her father. WhatApp and Facebook are great means to show your true emotions to your father. As WhatsApp and Facebook are the social network through which entire world is connected together and thus even if you are far away from your father still you can share your emotional thoughts to show your gratitude towards your father. A father is a solid support for every son or daughter by seeing whom they learn to be strong, independent and supporters for others. So thank your father through a heart touching Facebook status. Hence it is the duty of every son and daughter to give your true love to your parents and make this Father’s Day truly special for your father by sharing heart touching messages through social network. Checkout for some best fathers day fb status , fathers day whatsapp status , fathers day Facebook status 2018.

Happy Father’s Day Whatsapp Status collections :

Thank you for being a great dad ! Your memories will always live in the very core of my heart. Happy Father’s Day.

‘Dad you are never wrong,The only time you are wrong,is when you think, I forgot about you.,Love you Dad!, Have a grand Father’s Day!

‘God gave me the greatest gift I ever had,God gave me a best friend in the form of my dad. Father’s Day wishes for a dad who is one in a million!’  Happy Father’s day!!

Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap on a rope.

‘If father is happy then God is happy and if father is angry the God also angry so try to happy your father.’ Happy Father’s day!!

‘I Cannot Think Of Any Need In Childhood As Strong As The Need For A Father’s Protection. Happy Father’s Day!’

Pay My Regards To Ur Father ,Who Is Tolerating Such A Dumb Duffer Child,What A Stamina He  Has Got.. I Salute Ur Father :p… Happy Father’s day.

The greatest gift I ever had Came from God; I call him Dad! Happy Father’s Day!!

No love is greater then mom’s love and no care is greater then dad’s care… Happy Father’s Day.

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: he believed in me. Happy Father’s Day.

DAD – A son’s first HERO and daughter’s first LOVE. Happy Father’s Day.

Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad. Happy Father’s Day.

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Happy Father’s day Facebook Status:

Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever. Happy Father’s Day.

Dad, you’re someone to look up to no matter how tall I’ve grown.  Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day !! Dad Wish you were with me now miss you so much.

One father is more than a hundred School masters.Happy Father’s Day!

The reason why daughters love their dad the most is that there is at least one man in the world who will never hurt her.

Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever. Happy Father’s Day.

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Hope you liked the new type of writing your whatsapp Facebook  Twitter Fathers Day Status. By sharing Father’s Day special status on Facebook and WhatsApp, you can show all the people around you in your connection about the depth of love that you have for your father 2018 status. This is the day when you have opportunity to devote some time to recall all the sacrifices of your father to just make you laugh and have everything you want in your life. Make your Facebook and WhatsApp status to a Father’s Day special message and let your father know that you realize his importance. Share all such amazing fathers day sayings, fathers day quotes, fathers day poems and lovely fathers day sayings to show your affection, love, gratitude, respect and care for your father.

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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Happy Fathers Day 2018 Wishes, Quotes, Greetings & Sayings

Happy Fathers Day 2018 Wishes, Quotes, Greetings & Sayings: Father’s Day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March, April and June. Many Australians observe Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September. It is a day for people to show their appreciation for fathers and father figures. Father figures may include stepfathers, fathers-in-law, guardians (eg. foster parents), and family friends. Father's Day in India occurs on the third Sunday of June. Father's Day in some countries is on the third Sunday of June, which is close to the June solstice. Daughter are the most precious to their fathers. They are the most loved and cherished person in a family. Fathers are often so protective about their daughter that they are very much concerned about them. As Father's Day 2018 is approaching the kids are getting more prompt to find a new way to impress or surprise their father's. Children's across the world celebrate this day to show their love to the fatherly figures in their lives. We express our gratitude by wishing him with some Happy Fathers Day Quotes to warm his heart.


Father’s Day Wishes, Greetings and Quotes 2018

One father is more than a hundred Schoolmasters. ~George Herbert, Outlandish Proverbs, 1640

When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry. Happy Fathers Day

A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again. ~Happy Fathers Day

F-fantastic, A-awesome, T-terrific, H-honorable, E-excellent, R-remarkable This sums up my dad…Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads out there!

A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you even when you fail. Thank you for believing in me, dad.

Fathers are like the candles. They make daylight out of darkness.

“It is a wise father that knows his child.” — William Shakespeare, from “The Merchant of Venice.”

You were the perfect candidate, and I’m glad God gave you the job as my dad.

“A real man loves his wife and places his family as the most important thing in life. Nothing has brought me more peace and contentment in life than simply being a good husband and father.” —Frank Abagnale, former con man, the inspiration for the film “Catch Me If You Can.”

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons” – Johann Schiller

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection” – Sigmund Freud

A father is a man you look up to no matter how tall you grow.e. Happy Father's Day

“I think my mom put it best. She said, ‘Little girls soften their daddy’s hearts.'” — actor Paul Walker

I am thankful for all the great things you do for me, but I’m also grateful for the horrible things you didn’t do. Many children must rise above their father’s legacy, but I would be proud to continue your legacy.

I hope all your dreams come true. You are investing time in imagining how wonderful your life is, and will be... We know that you’re excited to wish and surprise your loving and caring father who have spent his whole life to see you happy and to make you safe. If you were Facebook, you would check your updates everyday. If you were twitter, you would keep tweeting I Love You, Dad! constantly. If you were Instagram, you would keep uploading selfies all day long. If you were Pinterest, you would pin My Heart Soul On You. You can copy these father's day 2018 wishes, Quotes, Greetings and share it with husband and loved ones on social media on the day of  Father's Day. Also 15 Father's Day Quotes to Share With Dad. We Wish You To Advanced Father's Day Wishes 2018.

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